Magnetic Eyeglass Holders by Eye Loop™

Frequently Asked Questions


How the Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Works

How do I use it?
Place our magnet on the inside of your shirt, and attach the holder on the outside, with the loop down. Hang your glasses in the loop, or attach your badge. To remove it, slide the magnet off. Hang your glasses on the holder part, and they will be there for you.

How much is shipping?
Shipping is clearly marked in your cart, and international shipping is available.

How do I pay, and is it safe?
You can use any major credit card, or PayPal, and we don't make you set up yet another account. Your information is safe and secure. Our credit card process is compliant with the best practices.

Sales Tax
Sales Tax is collected for Texas deliveries.

Guarantee & Returns
• There is a limited warranty on this product.
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You Must Be Happy.
• Please contact us to arrange for the return, replacement, or refund.
• We cannot guarantee against loss of your glasses or damage to electronics or clothing.

Privacy Policy
We value your privacy, and will not sell or otherwise make available your contact or payment information. We may contact you from time to time with special offers, new products, or news, and of course, you can always ask to be removed from any future mailings.

You say it's strong. Tell me more.
Our patented eyeglass holders use a unique approach. The original model Steel-0 will support over two pounds. The other versions hold various weights. Much more than glasses.

What about silk or thin fabric?
The Steel-1, Fleur Loop, and Steel-2 are safe for thin fabrics. The Steel-0 and other models may be too strong.

What if I lose the magnet?
It's probably stuck to something. It will turn up, and of course you can order more.

What if I break the magnet?
If you drop the magnet, or let it smash against metals, it can break. It's sort of fragile. If you break the magnet, please dispose of it. If it breaks under normal use, please let us know.

What if it ends up in the washing machine?
The magnet may stick to the side of your washer on the inside. It could hurt the clothing it's attached to. I found when I'm unloading the wash, it's stuck to the steel inside. I try not to do that.

Basic Magnet Precautions

Warnings About Glasses Holders
During vigorous activity, glasses may fall out.

Slide magnet off. It's hard to pull off directly.

Clothing may scratch some glasses.

Do not wash your glasses holder in the washing machine.

Be careful around pacemakers or insulin pumps or medical electronics. Ask your doctor or equipment provider.

Strong Magnet
The small magnet used for the glasses holder is pretty strong, and as such, there are some things to be careful of. Magnet will pinch fingers if not careful. Magnet is fragile. If broken, discontinue use.

Do not let children play with it or eat it. If a child eats it, an emergency room visit may be needed.

Magnet is nickel plated. If you have a a nickel allergy, don't use it. You'd know already. Lots of jean buttons contain nickel.

Keep several inches away from sensitive electronics, watches, cameras, etc. Note that your tablet computer has several magnets on it's edges, and cause few problems, except to hotel mag strip cards.