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My name is Don, and I am the inventor and patent holder for an innovative new magnetic eyeglass holder.

Our Glasses Holders are Magnetic and born of need
These glasses holders are unique. Some models are very strong and have an industrial design. Some are more delicate, holding more than enough. Our Steel block is machined from stainless steel, and the Steel-2 is thin and flat stainless steel.

The first thing in the morning,
I put my glasses holder on my shirt. It makes a "click" as the magnet and holder find each other. It's so very simple it's almost magical, and with just the magnet and holder, it's very light. Less than 5 grams for some models.

Why I Invented The Magnetic Eyeglass Holder
Along with gray hair, came reading glasses. I've never liked the options out there for holding my glasses, so I just stuck them in my shirt, or in my shirt pocket. My wife asked me one day "Why don't you wear the shirts I get for you", and my answer was "Because there isn't any place for my glasses".

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