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Magnetic Eyeglass Holders by Eye Loop™

First Class USPS is just $3, or order $20 or more, and get free shipping.

The "Steel-2" is our most popular glasses holder.

Stainless Steel, and with the magnet weighs less than two pennies, but is more than strong enough to hold glasses or badge on your shirt.

Organic and fluid, so simple and clean.

Eye Loop Glasses Holder is Magnetic

The "Fleur Loop" is our newest glasses holder.
A classic Fleur Di Lis design.


This classic shape dates back centuries, and is iconic.

Stainless Steel Eyeglass Holders

The "Steel-1" is machined from stainless steel, and uses nylon coated shark wire loop held with a set screw.
Our unique magnet makes it all happen.


This is the engineer, architect, and mechanic's favorite. Something about it.

Two Extra Magnets

Need a couple of extra magnets? These are for the Steel-1, Steel-2, and Fleur.
It is shown in the photos next to the Steel-2.


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Orders are mailed First Class. Rates are U.S. Only.

First Class USPS is just $3, or order $20 or more, and get free shipping.

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International and Wholesale are available.

We accept major credit cards and PayPal,
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Our super easy to open packaging.

Magnets should be kept from small children.
Some medical devices may be sensitive to magnets.